"Tim and I go as far back as 1988, when i was an aspiring producer and guitarist in a band. I got the opportunity to work with his band at the time in the studio, producing their music. Tim was clearly a shining star of talent then, and has continued to grow with his producing, writing, and musicianship over time to become a valuable person to have in the studio. Proud to call him a friend and fellow music maker!"   - BUTCH WALKER (Music Producer, Songwriter, Musician)

"I had the pleasure of spending over a month on the road with Tim Kelly and his band Kicking Harold. They were the opening act for my band the Winery Dogs during our recent North American tour. Upon listening to his live shows and album it became immediately clear that Tim is not only a fantastic performer but a world class producer and songwriter. I look forward to hearing more music from Tim Kelly in the future!"   - RICHIE KOTZEN (Musician, Songwriter, Producer)

"I have known and worked with Tim David Kelly for over 20 years. He is a genuinely nice guy, is extremely talented with an excellent ear for pop, is a terrific sounding board for your musical ideas and is a really good writer."   - GEORGE TOBIN (Music Producer, Manager, Record Label Owner)

"TDK is a triple threat, not only is he a bad ass songwriter. He is also an incredible producer and mix engineer. His creative abilities flow out of him and it's really amazing to witness and be apart of the process. I would highly recommend him to enhance your song album to the next level." - MICHAEL PHILLIPS KEELEY (Re-recording Mixer/Composer & drummer of Kicking Harold)

"I recently worked with Tim at his studio to put together a song for a movie I was working on. We brought in a session singer and he tracked vocals like I have never heard with the sweetest sounding reverb. I look forward to his production on my future projects!"   - BRET DOMROSE (Singer/Songwriter - Dogstar, Zombie Oil)

"Tim David Kelly is an exceptional music producer.  I've worked with him for well over a decade and he always exceeds my expectations, helping me transform my raw tunes into radio ready songs.  A talented multi-instrumentalist with the heart of a bassist, the mind of a guitarist, and the soul of a drummer, Tim will take your songs to the highest level possible while maintaining their core integrity.  He is super creative and collaborative and always strives to make the recording process fun.  Whether you are aiming to capture a retro vibe or match the sound of a chart topping artist, Tim can help you achieve your goals.  His arranging and engineering skills are second to none.  If you're looking for a major label sound on an indy budget, you've found your producer."   - TODD ZING  (Singer/Songwriter - Zing Factory, Escaping Zane)

"I have commissioned and licensed TDK tracks for TV & Film trailers and the productions are always highly creative, superior quality and a cut above."   - SHAWN FERJANEC (Creative Director & Film Editor)

"I have worked with Tim Kelly since 2004 after first being introduced when moving to Los Angeles to start recording original music. Tim has been an integral part of my musical development in fostering an environment of creativity and expression. His mentorship has allowed for personal growth as well as collaboration from a both a songwriting and arrangement standpoint. I highly recommend working with Tim as his ideas are a breath of fresh air and will not disappoint!"   - GREG DEFURIA (Singwer/Songwriter) 

"It’s clear that Tim is an excellent producer and knows how to flesh out material and polish it to a brilliant shine. The bonus you get with him though is that he is also a very clever music writer which points to a truly creative mind. Both of these traits are critical in a strong producer and Tim is one of the few who possesses both."   - MAX SHULDBERG  (Drummer - The Hunger)

"Tim David Kelly is a top notch songwriter, composer, musician, vocalist and producer. He can take on any project and turn it into expertly written, expertly produced, cutting-edge tracks ready for publication. And he can do it all himself with any instrumentation desired, and any style needed."   - BRIAN ANDERSON (Bassist/Songwriter - Marshal Gold, The Bloodshot Gamblers, Kicking Harold)

"Working with Tim has been exactly what my singer/song writer project has needed. His experience and knowledge took my songs to the next level. He always put me at ease and treated me like a professional. I can’t wait to get back in the studio."   - DEAN CLARK (singer-songwriter)

"Tim David Kelly’s production and engineering skill knows no boundaries . His song waiting helps his artists flush out their ideas so that they are complete compositions radio ready. His engineering gets the best tones, drums sounds, bass sounds, synths and then some. He also was instrumental in setting up backing tracks for live performance, helping me make just the right decisions on what to add so that it still felt “live” and natural. Tim’s the total package and worked with our budget to get the best possible deal."   - MICHAEL ODABASHIAN (Drummer - Zander Bleck, Kicking Harold)

"I have witnessed the production skills and musicianship of Tim more than once. His knowledge and his mentorship are astounding and he is quite an asset to have in your corner.  Always the consummate professional."   - DENNIS HUFF (On Air Personality at KOMP Las Vegas)

“Tim is not only a very talented singer/guitar player, he is also a very talented engineer/producer. I really enjoyed recording with him at his studio which has a great relaxed vibe. The whole process from beginning to end, starting with a song idea in my head to the finished track was inspiring and a lot of fun. I hope to get back in there with Tim soon and make some more magic.”   - FAMOUS (Singer-Songwriter)

"I recorded a new song with Tim. He has a great nature for getting your song together and sounding like it's radio ready. Tim is also a great musician and producer. First rate recording ... At an awesome price."   - MICHAEL DINICH (guitariat/songwriter)


"How many times have you heard or read of a singer (or band) say their producer was “ Closed-minded, incompetent and extremely unprofessional” (the polite way of saying they were an a**hole) Tim David Kelly is what a producer should be, a Producer, not a tyrant. He's from a small breed of producers that believe it ain't all about them. From the first meeting you'll see it's not about him, it's about making You the best you can be. His formula is simple. Quickly identify the acts strengths, constantly inspire and push them three notches above their limit. When your project is finished, you'll have a polished and solid production that competes with anything currently on the radio" - JOHN DUARTE (Music Producer, Songwriter, Musician)

"Tim David Kelly is simply one of the most Talented Music producers and Musician I have ever met. I have been playing Music professionally for over 20/years and also write allot of my own songs. I recently came across Tim in an ad he was promoting on Facebook. I needed help to complete my songs for my upcoming Album I plan to release. Tim was able to help me arrange my songs and he also added some great instruments and back up vocals and after Tim's Mix my songs came alive. Tim really listens to my thoughts and Ideas and also gave me his Ideas and together my songs turned out better than I had ever expected. I'm looking forward to working with Tim on my next projects. Tim is the real deal and I will recommend to all my friends in the Music Business."   - DAVE DONATELI (Singer-Songwriter)